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I’ve been co-teaching the Adobe Illustrator for Digital Output workshop with Erika Uzmann at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. If you’re a current SAIC student, staff, or faculty and would like to learn how Illustrator is used for laser cutters and the like, come lunch & learn this Thursday at noon.

I have finally begun a 365 Day Challenge. I plan to do a map a day with non-digital materials to keep my mind and hand flowing off the computer. Of course, I am starting with familiar territory, and then I’ll break away into the unknown, conceptual, and bizarre.

A digital campaign I designed for Sustainable SAIC. Overall message: While we have made progress in reducing our greenhouse gas emissions despite our growth, we still have a huge impact on our environment. To help visualize what this means, here are some scenarios based on annual numbers from 2012. The equivalencies were calculated using EPA’s website.
To help develop the scenes, I turned to The Noun Project and downloaded symbols from the public domain. 

My latest instructional collaboration for SAIC. We did the first round on the risograph. The final print will be in placemat-like formats for classes. We’re also working on an interactive version. The scale of this how-to lent itself to be explored in various mediums. 


Pretty soon, you’ll see some printed copies of “How To Stretch a Silkscreen” around the print studio! The Instructional will walk you through Materials & Preparation, Stretching the Screen, and Taping the Frame. 

For a preview online, you can scroll through the images above or Click here to view the PDF.

This Instructional is brought to you by Stephanie Plenner (IRFM) and Cristian Morales (BFA 2014) in collaboration with Melissa Leandro in the Fiber and Material Studies Department. 

Thanks Stephanie and Cristian! 

Doodling away some cabin fever.

I’ve been working on a greenhouse gas signage graphic for my department. While brainstorming with Illustrator, the imagery began to take a familiar direction.

Last night’s reading was a blast. I’m still thinking about how well each of our stories meshed for a night of technological musings. Thank you, Guild Literary Complex, for bringing us under one underground roof.

Small details make designing icons a miniature world of colorful fun. Here is a gif that shows the initial concept of the L transform into an abstract intersection for the Chicago Literary Map, my latest literary project.

Note: This is my first time making a gif. For the purists, the canvas size is the same, the icon size varies slightly.